Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Im going to totally ignore that I have not posted anything for a while... a long while. Today I came across a website called "Dog Shaming" ( I could not stop laughing! People posting pictures telling on the naughty stuff their dogs do gives me comfort that I am not the only one who have spoiled dogs. It is worth taking a look for the laughs alone! I thought to myself, I should submit a picture of Stella and Copper! I know I know it is hard to believe that these precious dogs would do anything wrong...
Well believe it or not it is possible and to be honest I think it makes them feel good to get this off their chest :)
By the way I am fully aware that I spelled squeak wrong ... but not till I took the pics. SO what one should I submit?? I know there is only a couple (embarrassing I could of kept going!)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Birthday!

SOOO it was my 25th birthday at the beginning of the month! It was a rough one for me and feeling super old (most of the time), I am so lucky I get to share my birthday with my best friend, my mama! I wont say how old she because ... well ya know old people hate that lol My mom is so amazing and I couldnt as for a more special person in my life. I also have an awesome best friend Bessie (AKA mean jean) who did so much for me to help me not have a fall down on the floor break down about feeling old :) She got everyone together for dinner at Chili's and got the party together for everyone to go to Roxy's for karaoke! She made my whole birthday week unforgettable! To top it off my sister got me tickets to the Shooter Jennings Concert that we not only loved but got to hang out with him after the concert on his tour bus! As you can see from the pics we are a bunch of groupies :) Thanks to everyone that came and made my 25th so special :)

What have I been up to besides pictures? Ohh not much :)

Seriously this year has been AMAZING, CRAZY, BUSY, and FUN!
i HAVE been golfing a few times, and I'm not sure why! I am not good at it and I seriously think it makes me mad every time but at the same time I love it...grrr
Colored egg with my pretend boyfriend Mitch, Bes, Chase & Coy :)
Was car jacked by a gang of blonde midgets :)
Snuggled my sweet babies :)
Watched my amazing neice at her dance recital! I cried like a little baby I dont want her to grow up:(
Was rearended by a nice gentleman who I am almost positive was text... what a sweet heart :/
Had an amazing girls weekend attempting to take all of the casinos money in Wendover and finished off with brunch at Mimi's :)

Daddy Daughter Pics!

This daddy sure loves his little girl! It is so sweet to see what a great bond and how much love he has for his daughter. Kaylynn is a triple threat she's funny, gorgeous, and too dang smart for her own good! Looks like Tyson has his hands full!

The Adams Family

I cant believe how fast these kids are going up! Makes me feel so old! Ryker and Brackyn are growing up so fast and baby Addi is right on their tail... stop growing up I'm sick of it! :)

Baby Kyler

This is my best friend Bessie's nephew, her sister Karlies son. He is seriously so smiley and happy! Karlie and Brett are so in love with this little guy and are so cute with him. I am so lucky to be able to watch him grow up!

Paislee turns One!

This little girl was so much fun! She was so happy and has such a big personality for such a teenie girl! And let me tell you she loves her tunes, this baby can dance :)